Some suggestions pc

Hi, just new here and just want to say what a beautiful masterpiece of game! I hope you guys keep working in the game with new features for the future!
So i would like to post here some suggestions that i would like to see in the game:

-More new sharks (maybe mako and bull shark), or Tuna

-Some also other marine life that we could interact (for food, to make a fish nursery)

-sharks should come with different sizes inside of same specie, bigger more dangerous!

-When we bleed maybe it should attract more sharks, making you get out of the water to treat your self. Also valid when we would hit/kill a shark, making us take the shark out of the water! bigger sharks should need tools to push them out our two players.

-Should give to chop the shark in pieces and make a bloody mess.

-More types of boats to explore, maybe some floating boats to make us swim and climb up on them!

-maybe a small craftable submarine to go deep (no, no, not because of titan thing) exploring some deep wreckages, find some artifacts (a possibility to extend the purpose of being on the islands)

-why not give the chance of building an small base on the raft? Could be fun.

-More types of cooking, more craftable tools, buildings etc.

-Maybe extend 3 to 4 players for coop (no more than that) and with it more hard to kill sharks.

-Also dmg to the raft made by sharks/rocks/wrecks, like destroying the stir, making holes, making us constant repairing.

-maybe, building a machine to fill oxygen bottles. I believe this bottles could be even more used to explore big and deep wreckages.

I guess these are some of my thoughts! thanks for the great game! and please keep evolving it!