Some More Suggestions

I decided to make another suggestions thread, I and others have definitely suggested some of these before.

Let’s get the (possible) repeats our of the way.

-Spoiled Meat
Combined with Coconut Flask to make a Shark Attractor (Chum Bucket)

-Clay Furnace/Hobo Stove
Could be used to incinerate any unwanted items (Fishing Spears/Spoiled Meat etc)

-Items made of wood
Any item made of wood should be able to be used to fuel a campfire/repurposed for other items ie using fishing spears to make refined knives/axes

-Life Raft
Once players have made their own raft the life raft isn’t really needed anymore it could be repurposed to collect water when it rains.

A new category called Clothes in it you use cloth/leather to create hats, anything from a cloth bandana to a leather bush hat (with or without corks lol) hats would also offer differing levels of UV protection.

Ropes could be made out of lashings/leather straps and you could use them to tie shark carcasses to your raft when on the water, ropes could have durability and after a while they will snap and whatever they’re tied to would float away.

~ New Stuff (possibly) ~

When the player begins their first need to find A Way Out (obviously) they can either find it randomly or find a pod of Dolphins, following them will always lead the player in the direction of A Way Out but don’t hint to this let them discover it on their own but if they attack the Dolphins then they will never appear again.

Once they get to A WAY OUT and figure out they need to find the various parts to repair the plane the player will find hints as to where the parts are when they find an island with a dead castaway on it and you’ll find a note that says something like “saw a massive shark with a propeller in its mouth, might be something. If only I had a bigger boat” etc.

-New animals

Orca/Killer Whale - Interactive high health 5x Rawhide 5x Large Meat not aggressive unless attacked

Manta Ray - non-interactive

Blue-Bottle Jellyfish - non-interactive will sting for damage

Bull Shark - Interactive shallows 2x Rawhide 2x Large Meat


When piloting the raft the L and R buttons do nothing. Would be nice if pressing L1 would show your watch and pressing L2 would pull out a compass if you have one in your inventory.


I like them all!

My biggest wish would be a way to automate, or at least semi-automate my farm. There’s one part where the game always get “stale” for me - and that’s the part when I return from exploring or harvesting an island and I have to spend the next 20-40 minutes refreshing my farm.

The process of harvesting Yucca plots to throw them into stills to ‘harvest’ stills with clay water jugs to water all the farming plots… it just gets to be such a chore. And it has to be done EVERY time I get back or I risk losing the farm entirely.

Trying to think of a solution instead of just complaining about the problem…

  • at most basic, how about being able to invert a clay water jug on any given farm plot to make it last (by “last” I mean, “stay watered”) all that much longer.
  • more complex - we could combine 2 plots, a water still, and a clay jug to create sort of an “efficiency farm” - one plot would have a Yucca plant, the other would be free to grow anything. The Yucca would feed the still which would feed the jug which would feed both of the plots.

Not sure about the size of your farm bit with mine I keep my plots 2 away from fully watered because if it storms and they’re full it’s just a waste of rain.

would like to be able to make a barrel into a water collector and make the jerry can able to hold say 20 water servings (just an example number) to make the farming less tedious. it really does start to ruin the game experience after awhile.

That’s a good tip Lothaer! When I first return from a scavenge/exploration run I only fill the plots to 3/4, but when I’m about to leave on such a run I always cap them off to full because I never know how long I’ll be out… (& rain doesn’t register unless you’re physically there, correct?)

More than a few times I’ve planned on coming right back home and found myself lost on another random island instead.

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Yeah, rain only falls where the player is.