Some initial thoughts of changes

Although, I’m new at actually playing the game, I watched the development since it was first released to PC. So I’ve seen so many changes along the way. And a lot of the changes were suggested by players. Raft storage, raft lights, fishing pole, cooking stations inside your housing structure, floating sharks after they died, and so many more. So, great job to the developers for listening to the fan base.

Now onto changes. Anything that can harm you should be killable. Maybe stab the starfish then put a torch to it. Sea snakes are tough given their relation to ground snakes. But in 2018, Australia had its first sea snake related death in over 80 years. By most accounts sea snakes are so passive they rarely ever bite. In fact, the actual bite numbers are so bad they have a 60,000 incident spread, 15,000 to 75,000 approximately a year. And only 3% of those numbers get injected with venom. My suggestion, just make them passive.

The black tip shark can go away. No need to make console users have to fight more predators than PC. Goblin sharks seem to be completely out of their depth. They’re so rarely seen, they’re hard to study. They can go too. Honestly, the giant crab and big boar can also go. Completely unnecessary additions. Plus, these things will actually help console players’ consoles. Maybe a larger raft instead of extra enemies.

Ability to make snake boots. We can make cloth and a splint, and can harvest leather. There’s the recipe. Cloth, splint. Leather. Prevents snake bites. You have a shark repellent. Ability to make snake and boar snares. We have it for birds. Just put it on the ground with a large hit box. Anyone stranded on an island would immediately think of a way to safely kill something. Plus a snare makes the combat more effective as these skittish animals are better controlled. A poison spear. Would be nice. Maybe that’s what you can do with the starfish or urchin. A drying rack would be nice too.

Since critical weaponry and tool supply’s are rare or uncommon, small trees should regrow, and stones should be more plentiful. Additionally, animals attacked should not de-spawn with spears, bolts, or arrows in them. I fought a shark that swam away and never returned after my 6th spear landed. This happened because I didn’t have more time to play, so I had to quit the game. There goes my weapons. The next time I started the game, a totally new and different shark, and the next time, and next time, the same thing. Because of the clunky combat, any shark hunting I do must also include extra gaming time.

Other items that can go: gauze drink, why is this a thing? Breathe boost too. Just integrate it with swimming skill. Physical skill can be split, swimming includes better breath control, strength is moved to crafting. Why do sledge hammers wear out?

If the dev team is no longer making changes to the game, they should consider mod support for consoles.

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It seems like the support team won’t reply to anything related to future content on console and I’m extremely disappointed right now I watched PewDiePie play this game and I was expecting for console release just to see most of the features missing and now I just want to kill myself

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The devs have already indicated that the game is feature complete. They did that last year. Pretty much the only things they have been working on since then is QoL improvements. People just need to enjoy the game as it is. Are there bugs? Yes, same with any game out there. Is the game still fun? yes. Feature changes this late in the game (pun intended) would not be practicable or advisable as changing something affects a number of things in the game.