Some ideas for improvement of this AWESOME game!

Here are some ideas I have for Stranded Deep, I’ve posted these in facebook group and got some positive feedback from the players:

-Shark Attractor:
Used up bandage with blood on it could be used to attract sharks to a certain place by mounting it on any of the projectile weapons, also cloth applied to a dead boar or giant hog, either for distracting a shark or as a hunting tactic.

-Snake Skin
Snakes should also be giving us 1 skin when skinned, not just 1 meat.

Sunstroke should affect us more, hindered movement and throwing abilities, higher dehydration rate, blurred vision etc. Exposure can kill you as easily as sharks can, we could fight it additionally with wet cloth placed on the head.

-Craftable Corrugated Scrap
We should be able to craft corrugated scrap from container walls, the way we craft plank scrap from logs.

-Item repair
We should be able to repair damaged items using half the resources needed for a new one or less. Repair station could be used for that.

-Log Raft Base
We should be able to use logs as raft bases, it’s just senseless to save sticks with anything that floats and not be able to use logs.

-Random items washed ashore
With all the wrecks around every island it’s senseless that the only thing that the ocean washes up be the cloths, there should be various items that wash up on the north beach, since waves travel N-S.

-Tracer Arrows
We should be able to make a tracing arrow by mixing Wavulawula plant with a cloth and applying it to an arrow, it would leave a color trail after a shark as it moves, informing us of it’s location during the hunt. In addition, we could even have the same marker for it’s location on the screen like during boss battles. It would stay active aftee the shark is dead so we know where the carcass floated away, we could even shoot a dead shark for that purpose or even the raft itself.

-Net Hunting
We could combine lashings and stones to pin down sharks and grouper fishes for melee takedown and ensuring the carcass doesn’t float away.

-Towing Sticks and other floatables
We could use lashings to tie up sticks and other floatables behind the raft for transport instead of filling our raft up with crates full of wooden sticks. It could also be used to transport tires and barrels that can’t be picked up.

-Floating garbage and plastic bottles
There could be various items floating between the islands sometimes, it would prompt players to explore even more. If there are plastic bottles among them as a new item (and sadly our oceans are full of them), they could be used for water storage.

I have more but for now let me know what you think about these.


I agree with the lot, especially with the shark attractor (Burley/Chum) whichyheould also be made with Spoiled Meat.

Also in with Sunstroke they should include Hypothermia.

Maybe change the SPF meter to a temperature gague with it starting at halfway for (normal) too far to the right you’re too hot (Hyperthermic) and too far to the left you’re too cold (Hypothermic)