Some coop suggestions

After playing a few hours with someone I met ingame here are some of my suggestions for coop. 1. When a player is downed there should be an icon that can be seen anywhere on the map showing the players location along with a notification that the player is downed. 2. Voice communication and text chat, me and the player I met were using label makers to communicate with each other. A game like this can be very difficult to play with someone you cannot communicate with. Maybe also have a option for text to speech that has a robot say what a player text 3. Character customization would be pretty cool to see as well. Even if it is just changing the color of our shirt, pants, and hair would be nice. 4. I think would be great if we could have up to 4 players in the game at once.
5. The ability for each player to be able to go to any island by themselves and still be able to sleep and save.

Thank you for reading and great job on adding coop it has been a lot of fun was waiting a while for it to get added.