Solving problems

If you are playing the game alone like me, you can return 0.80 on steam. All the problems started with the co-op mode. The game itself is a ball of problems, but 0.80 is a little better. They add new ones instead of correcting the mistakes they have made for the last 1 year, as if someone made a great game and then another team came and screwed the game. There were 3-5 errors at 0.80, now the game is unplayable, I was attacked by the pig, which I put aside so that the meat of the pig I killed would not spoil, it does not produce anywhere other than the first starting island. 0.80 slightly better turn it on.
“Google Translate”

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Just loaded a save from 0.9 on 0.8, and my passive and creative works again. Thank you so much!