So we currently can't use the ocean or rain as a drinking source?

I would think in a game that by the end you’re making flying vehicles that you would easily make the largest source of water a possibility to obtain drinking water.

there are so many ways to desalinize water…

two coconuts and a cell phone, a pot a fire and a piece of plastic, a tarp and a piece of sheet metal, two plastic bottles…

the list is endless you simply need a container for the salt water, a receptacle for the fresh water, and any surface to condense water against, the sun or fire can easily evaporate ocean water so I’m surprised the only craftable item for water seems to be the water still.

Beyond that, no rain water collection. A simple water rack that you could put four coconut flasks in would have been great, or much like the water still a rain catcher with a trap, or perhaps water barrels.

EDIT: I thought the water stills were supposed to collect rain but they were not… now I see they do, it’s just fairly slow, but that’s why more options like a coconut flask water rack would be helpful.

I’m early in the game so maybe some of this stuff is down the line but desalinizing water would be the FIRST thing you’d want to do on any Island,. water is critical to live and the ocean is just such a enormous source of water why would you waste it.

if this really has been left out I hope they add some sort of desalinization as well as simply catching rain water.

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I’m also new to the game, I’m on day 14 but I’m not having any issues with gathering water.

I have 4x water stills and there are plenty of young trees/yucca bushes to keep them all fueled indefinitely.

It’s not about having trouble, I am not either. it’s a suggestion about VARIETY and versatility, the ONLY craftable water source in the game is the water still.

The ability to craft water racks/buckets and desalinization kits would add variety and some portability.

I know there are buckets to be found in game tho I have yet to, and they may be portable, but these items should be craftable as they would be fairly easy to make IRL that’s all.

You can craft Clay Flasks that hold 5 drinks of water.

They require 2 clay and 1 lashing and you make them at the furnace which you first need to build

I appreciate the input, but that really doesn’t have anything to do with the suggestion.

Which just in case it’s not clear is OTHER craftable options that are completely independent from the water still, especially during the early game.

basically being able to craft a desalinization station that you can fill with water. which for example could be filled with water from the ocean using either the coconut flask for less water and more trips to the ocean or the clay flask as mentioned for more water.

Sorry to say but as long as you are on your home island you can gather rain water for drinking and also waters farm plots. I am currently on day 85 and have used this feature to save on fibrous leaves.


I will say I think it would be great (and believable) if rain would collect in your Life Raft when you’re not using it.

Lol that would be quite funny

1 coconut, 1 lashing = 1full slot of pure water… What else are you gonna use all those coconuts for… Plus you can drink as many as you like with getting the squirts…

Drink one coconut, wait 10 sec then drink another, and repeat, this works the same for eating them as well

@XxGrimShooter8xX I’m not exactly sure what the point of your reply was.

Anyway I’m still believe we need more water gathering options just for diversity

@Jmal the reason for my comment was that you said you couldn’t use rain water as a collection source. Maybe if you would’ve seen the comment before you edited the post we wouldn’t be having this conversation now.

@XxGrimShooter8xX ok, well if you read beyond the title I made mention that initially the water still not seeming to be using the rain and addressed that in the post, (I even wrote EDIT where I addressed it, but didn’t edit the title) so again to me your comment didn’t make sense as you mention something I resolved in my first post minutes after making it if you read it.

also I hope your not implying I edited the post after your comment because that is not possible, you can’t edit passed a day or so, your comment was 9 days later, the post can’t be edited 9 days later

beyond that I still don’t believe we can use the ocean, I would update the title so others actually read the post but that’s not a possibility now…

however, again this is the suggestions board, so all that is beside the point to the suggestions I’ve made which is adding some things craftable beyond the water still

@Jmal the thing is though is I made my comment before you added the edit. I did read the whole thread you started.

@XxGrimShooter8xX I hear you but that’s not true, I literally made that edit 5 minutes after posting the original comment. and as I have already mentioned… your post is nine days after my original post.

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@Clare I think this thread should be locked.

Thanks for the tag Lothaer. I’m not going to lock this post as other players may wish to comment on this suggestion and the sub-discussion above seems to have ended. I will say though that in future that kind of thing could probably be sorted in DMs.

@XxGrimShooter8xX As mentioned this can be sorted thru DM rather than hi-jacking the thread.

I will ask you do one thing. if you are sure you can edit post many days later, can you go ahead and edit the FIRST post you made in this thread, just to show me they can be edited later, as I can not and you keep stating I’ve done something that’s literally impossible to do.

So edit it clearly simply adding a note and today’s date, if you can’t do that I don’t think you’ve been being forthright.

other than that I would love any information pertinent to the actual suggestion that you or any others have

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