Snakes problem solved

Hi everyone
We all hate to snakes in the game so killing them is the easiest way to get rid of them. Problem though is they respawn. Especially if you need to go back to that island.
I have found a solution. 1 crude spear at the snake only it does not kill it but wherever bit goes so does the spear marking it. Next time you visit the island the spear is still in the snake


That is…kind of genius.

I think I will try this!

If you hear a hiss back away simple

I do not need to hear a hiss as I see the waving spear well before

It’s a non-issue. The snakes are the easiest predators to kill. One crude spear thrown at them kills them. Or just avoid any area where you hear a hiss. The large boars are much more of a nuisance.