Slightly larger crates

It would be nice for crates to be SLIGHTLY larger, maybe 1 or 2 more slots.

the ability to craft them, it makes sense as we can craft all this other stuff such as homes, a motor, gyrocopter, crop plots (which are basically large boxes).

The ability to refine iron from stone in the furnace like a rate of 3 stone to 1 iron. The iron in turn can be crafted into tools, ie hammer, axe, pick as well as make iron spear tips. 1 iron = 1 spear tip.

Craftable clothing from fiber, leather and hide that acts as minor armor reducing the damage from sharks, giant hogs, giant crabs by maybe 5% for fiber, 10% for leather and 15% for hide.

Lastly, upping the usage of aloe from 1 to 3. I understand that it’s a game however from 1 plant in real life you can get several uses. It really doesn’t make sense that aloe salve can only be used once. Breath boost I can understand the single use, but not the aloe

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I personally like the idea of adding another craft tier to tools by adding a new craftable resource in. Right now, the best hammer in the game is only available from loot.

I also agree with the idea of adding clothing, but would like to expand the idea to include increased protection from UV rays as an option for a clothing item craft. Some islands just don’t have sufficient shade to cool off in, so some extra protection would be helpful in those cases.

Adding on, I’d like to see more crafts for cooking and collecting water, as well as water storage options.

Right now, the best water container only holds 5 servings, while the only water collector has only 4 uses before it needs to collect more water again.

And the best food cooker right now is the smoker, as it is the only way to stockpile meats indefinitely for emergency rations. I would like to be able to not only cook meats, but also maybe craft a meal from different resources (like adding potato and meat together to craft a Steak and Potato meal). At the very least, I’d like to be able to cook produce as well as meat.

On that topic, additional ways to preserve foods would also be helpful. Like salting meats to make them last longer.

Another thing I’d like to see is the ability to add a stack of items all at once or split the stack when adding stuff to storage crates. Save a bit of time putting away 24 speargun arrows, for instance.

I was just thinking bout the cooking just before I started reading yours. Some real cooking in game would be awesome, maybe some stats or buffs added would be nice as well.

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