Simple building options

  • Half square triangles. I like the wedge, but i also would like a half square to make a triangle. It just adds more functionality to the floor for asthetics
  • Railings. I’m using half walls to make railings at the moment, but the long post in between is seriously ugly. I just want a half wall without posts.
  • Inverted roof corners. I want the corner piece that are already in the game, but inverted, so the join is at the bottom. This would add huge variety to the ability to make better roofing structures.
  • Wider steps - I’m always falling in between steps and getting stuck for a bit. Please make another version which extends across the whole flooring square.

Totally agree with all these. If not new items the option to invert existing corner roof and flip wedges.

I’ve also used flat roof as ramps but the issue is you need to jump from roof to foundation or floor

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I agree, an inverted corner wedge would be useful for building L shaped structures.

What do you mean by half square triangle? I am really struggling to picture it.

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I believe what they are saying is basically a corner piece that is exactly half of the square ones. The corner pieces we do get don’t meld well and you can’t put 2 together to made exactly half of the foundations or floors. I struggled a lot when trying to build around stuff using a corner piece but ultimately had to scrap the build as I couldn’t get a proper alignment and it came out looking like a hexagon and not squared

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I agree with all of this. The 90 degree angle (Half triangles) would really make building easier.

The half walls without the posts would be really nice too. I like the long posts for some parts of my buildings, but in other places having the option to only have the half wall with no posts would look so much better.

More building options please! Especially being able to build on cliffs. I’d like to make a super secret lair.

Also, half and quarter foundations and floors would make for good precise building

Still not understanding… someone needs to draw me a picture. Corner that is half a square? My brain!

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Split a square in half by drawing straight between two opposite corners, creating two right angled triangles.

I’d like to see this shape too.

Yes Please!!! Half Square Triangles and the Half Square Rectangles & Quarter Square pieces too please!