Sigh, it happened to me

Just I just suffered my first major set back.

Last night I was stocking my raft (see pic) up to get ready to go to the aircraft carrier and finish the game.

I loaded up my raft with the necessary materials, fuel, food, water, parts.

I was feeling tired so I saved my game, closed Stranded Deep and went to be expecting to finish the game today.

I logged in today only to find my raft had disappeared.

I jumped in my Gyrocopter to see if it was floating nearby maybe I accidentally raised the anchor before I saved, nope no boat to be seen.

This is a major set back, not so much because I have to build another raft, that parts easy but because of the 12x containers that I lost all full with stuff I use when rafting let alone the 2x Fuel Containers that I am now going to have to track down again.

I know this is a known bug so I always made sure to do the suggested things to do like not saving and exiting as soon as you’re back to shore etc.

I am unable to give further details as to the cause of this because I just don’t know which is why this is in General rather than Bug Report.

I’m sorry to hear that Lothaer :frowning: It is a lovely raft design, but thank you also for sharing an image as it lets me know what was on your raft too.

Do you recall if you checked the cartographer or any of the options at all before loading into your save?

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No I didn’t do any of that.

I have since managed to remake my raft now.

Thanks for letting me know Lothaer!

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