Shelves on walls don't work

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Hi Kingzcrown18,

Thank you for your report, the team are aware of an issue with the shelves and hooks not attaching to walls are are working on this issue.

Just to confirm, as you posted in the Console Bug Reports section, but the template in the body of the report is from the PC section, which platform are you experiencing this on?

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I’m on PS4. Sorry first time posting on forum it’s kinda confusing at first. Few more problems

Gyrocopter- Glitches/Freeze’s while flying for awhile.

Speargun - Arrows freeze’s in mid air or on top of speargun.

Saving - Game crashes a few times when I try to save.

Storage - Storage shelves that are placed on rafts or land doesn’t give back planks when destroyed

Barrel Grill- Didn’t give me an option to place meat, I had to jump on it then drop the meat on it lol

Hi Kingzcrown18,

Thank you for confirming what console you’re on and no worries - I understand forums can take time to get used to.

Thank you also for sharing other issues you have experienced in game. I’ve responded to each of them below and have some additional questions for some if you don’t mind.

Gyrocopter - Glitches/Freezes while flying
– You mentioned that this occurs some time after flying. I understand it might be hard to guage, but do you know how long you’d be flying before you’d notice this issue occuring?
– Is there any point in particular where this might occur more frequently? for example: When traveling to your base island, halfway between 2 islands, etc

Speargun - Arrows freezing in mid air or on top of speargun
– Are the arrows freezing after you fire them, or is this occuring randomly in your game? As far as I can recall the team worked on a fix for the arrows freezing on top of the speargun, but I’ll update them to let them know it’s occured mid-air for you also. Can you confirm for me if you’ve seen this occuring since the update to version 2104?

Saving - crashes when saving
– Do you have a significant number of loose items on your base island? If so, I recommend trying to add as many items as possible to “Piles” to reduce the number of individual pieces on your island. This may help with issue when saving the game. If issues continue, or you’ve noticed a something in common with each of the crashes occuring, such as crafting particular items, after contructing a lot of building parts, etc, please let me know.

Storage shelves - not giving back planks
– I believe this is something that was reported to the team before, but I’ll double check and add your comment about it for this team.

Barrel Grill - place meat
– This is as working as intended. You cannot “attach” meat to the grill, you need to drag it onto the grill.

I think I have everything there. Thank you again for reporting these and any extra information you can provide about your experience with these issues would be greatly appreciated. As well as that, if you have any other issues you’ve experienced, please do not hesitate to share them here and I’ll pass all the details onto the team or provide info for workarounds if there are any.

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Thanks for responding.

Gyrocopter- Glitches half way between islands. I tracked it and almost every 25 seconds it glitches for like 1 second then resumes.

Speargun- Yes I’m currently running update 2104 and rechecked the speargun. It’s running smoothly thanks.

Saving Crashes- I do have a lot of loose items on my island and piles, I will get back to you if cleaning up helped

New Bug
Whenever I load the game I always spawn on top of the brick house I’ve built no matter how many times I load it. Might be due to the loose items on base?

Thanks for replying I will keep you posted on anything new. And hopefully a stranded deep 2 is in the works lol.

Hi Kingzcrown18,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and for providing additional details.

The glitch with the gyrocopter is likely occuring at the point where the game unloads the island you’re leaving a reloads the next island. If you find it occurs a lot when leaving and returning to your base island, the cleanup of loose items might help this. Please let me know if it does/doesn’t.

I shall keep an eye out for further info from you regarding saving crashes.

Is your bed inside the brick house and is there anything around it? This is possibly part of an intended mechanic to prevent players spawning inside items or in a blocked area. If something is blocking or close to your character when you spawn in, it could be teleporting you upwards to the next available open space to safety. That said, another player reported this issue recently with nothing surrounding their bed, so I’d be interested to know what the construction / setup of the room you’re saving in is like.

Thanks again for that info, and Sam (a dev) did hint at thinking about what’s coming next here: [PC] Message from the Team, 2022-09-19 :eyes:

No prob. I tested the flying between islands and you’re correct it happens when the islands are loading.

As for spawning on the roof. It still happens, I had wollie on the bed and flare gun next to just in case.
It’s brick walls all around, I used 4 brick foundations that should let you know the size of the house if it helps, 1 brick wall in the center, 4 wood roof corners for roof.

I took off the roof and I spawned inside the house, tried using wood cap roofs and I was back on the roof. I have a tree next to the house and a branch hangs over it. I will try the clay roof next if anything I think the roofs are the problem.

Thanks for letting me know a Dev said that. I was happy when I read that and tell them great name for a survival game.

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Hi Kingzcrown18,

Thank you for the details of your hut and for letting me know what you tried. I’ll pass these onto the team to they can work on replicating the issue.

Thank you also for those screenshots - I particularly love the last one which has your hut so beautifully framed on your island :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I actually uploaded 5 pictures, but for some reason only 3 made it. Thanks house took some hard work diving for clay.

Rain- When it rains the rain looks like it’s in the house

Barrel grill - Is kinda useless. I think they should have made it like a smoker grill. Just an idea because most people after making the smoker don’t see a reason to use it.

A friend I introduced to the game who also said it’s addicting, said it felt boring after figuring out the basic survival fundamentals. It needs something more… something the Devs can use if they ever make part 2

Oh the 5 pictures might be because of a limit of pictures per post to stop our system being overloaded. You can try upload them again in a new comment if you like. But I think we’re got a clear picture of your setup from the ones that did make it :slight_smile:

Rain - If you were trying out different roof types, did you notice if all roof types did this in your save? (Edit: Upon checking with the team, this is visual bug they are aware of but is lower down on the priority list at the moment. I have added a comment to that report that it’s been reported recently in version 2104 by you).

Barrel grill - thank you for your feedback. I believe this is a crafting stepping stone and some players may have a bigger gameplay gap between this and the smoker than others. Never the less, I will share this with the team :slight_smile:

Further feedback - thanks, I appreciate this additional feedback around gameplay in general. Good to have when thinking about future gameplay plans.

No prob at all. I like how you and the team listen to players feedback and take things into consideration. Yes I’ve tested all roofs and I still end up on top, nice view though. I will notify you if I noticed anything else.

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Thank you for your understand and support Kingscrown18 - please do let me know if you notice anything else and I’ll pass it onto the team asap.