Shark 'Trophy' style items

I like the idea of being able to make ‘trophy’ style item out of Sharks. Similar to the Boss trophies. So, for example, you kill a great White shark, Instead of harvesting the shark for it’s rawhide/meat, you would have the option to craft a trophy for display purposes. The trade off would be that because you are making a trophy out of the Shark, you don’t get the rawhide/meat. It could also be set up so that you could only create these trophies after you reach a certain crafting level.

The same could be applied to boars and snakes as well. Just an idea.


Love it. i was thinking something like that the other day. That way if we keep animal trophies we can just hang the trophies on the wall instead of having whole carcuses laying everywhere. Like you said would work good with boars, snakes, even fish since there so many different kinds.

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