Sharing your boat


Share our makeshift boat
here is mine !

The line in the middle allows me to have the anchor in front of me and to hunt sharks more easily when it goes under it


That is so cool!! :heart_eyes:

I love the idea of the slot in the center too, very clever!

Here’s some pictures of my Shark Hunting Raft. Might need to build a new one in case the motor is supposed to go faster than the lifeboat, but at least I managed to relocate it successfully to the new island.


:exploding_head: You could offer island cruises on that raft Shokujin… wow!

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Another work in progress but coming along nicely. I’m expanding 2x on each side to give me 24 more crates and possibly once or twice in front to balance it out, also to add another 24 more crates as well. Won’t have to worry bout storage no more lol

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