Share your shelters here

I want to see what others have done for their shelters once they’ve found the perfect island to build a long-term house upon. To start this thread off, I’ll share photos of my own shelter, including some painstaking decorating jobs I did.

My shelter is still under construction, but I’ve got a crafting room, a “kitchen”, a pantry with shelves for all three meat cuts and water storage, a bedroom, a nice garden with plenty of water stills and a fuel still nearby, and will eventually have a little fishing pier added on once I’ve decided how I want that to look. Currently, I’ve got 3 fishing traps set up along the deeper part of the shoreline near my house, and have been bringing in 2 groupers per trip to check these traps ever since, so my pantry may need upgrading after a while.

I chose to make my home out of the most difficult material to obtain, which is clay brick. I’m using wood and planks for temporary patches of ceiling, but otherwise it’s coming along nicely. Hoping these pictures show up well enough to give you an idea of how my shelter is coming along.

Feel free to share your own designs here.


There’s some pics of 2 members’ shelters in “the beauty of this game astounds me” thread

This shelter is coming along nicely! I really appreciate a well labeled storage system :slight_smile:


This is the shelter with clay I’m starting to build. While I can’t really put stations where my foundation is in the water, I can still build in my shelter and not on the ground only anymore :slight_smile:

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Here’s a better pic, I’m going to expand the floor and then build an upstairs for container shelves and just use upstairs as a storage


Nice clay, country style home with a porch lol