Severe Raft Bug

Starting yesterday I had a major raft issue… my rap decided to stop and its tracks and not continue further. When the sale is down in the anchor is up the raft will still not move it also appears as if all the crates on my shelves have been pushed. The crates are floating next to the Shelf you are still able to open them and pick them up but are on able to put them back on the Shelf.

No settings are new Imports wherever implemented.

Worked fine for basically the whole playthrough near at the end of course it stops working.

I have cleared the cache reset router even uninstalled and reinstalled the game nothing seems to be working to picture what I’m trying to say I’m uploading a picture for all to view.

This is all my progress and if I’m unable to continue I’m just permanently uninstalling I had fun up until this point and now if I can’t continue there’s no point.

Closing as this is a duplicate of: Stranded Deep Severe Raft Bug