Several bugs found

PS4 2071
Setting; normal difficulty, wildlife passive, private lobby, new created save.

After a few hour session I’ve found this so far.

  1. Game save issue, objects would disappear if held in hand while other played saved game. Reloading game fixed missing stuff

  2. Got Poisoned. Left me with out interactions, couldn’t skin, drink or eat. No interaction for second player as well…I could pick up a Bouy ball though, ended up shutting off game for the night.

Freshly installed on console.
Will update if I find more tomorrow

Theres a thread about the second. The first never happened to me in multiplayer. We noticed the If disconnection occur the item the second player hand fall on the ground and can be gathered later, its annoying but at least we dont lose it.
Lets wait for a hot fix patch, It wont take long because the interaction glitch is making the game unplayable for everyone now.

Hi Shurimu,

Thank you for reporting these issues and please do continue to report anything else you notice.

  1. Have you noticed if any particular items are affected by this or does it occur for any item? Does the item appear to vanish for both players and does the player that was holding the item appear to be holding something invisible or do they look like they are not holding anything (hands by sides etc)

  2. As Zuvu mentioned (thank you @Zuvu!). We there is a thread on missing interactions here: [PS4][2071][Gameplay] Can't interact with most things
    However, your mention of losing interactions as a result of being poisoned is different. Can you confirm for me that you noticed this immediately after being poisoned? And do you recall what creature poisoned you?

You also mentioned that after this you shut the game off for the night. If you have since reloaded your save, is the interaction issue still occuring for you in your game?

Any extra information you can provide about your experience would be great and may also help me to determine if your interactions issue is different to the one reported by others in the thread linked above.

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