Settings for Animal

I love this game a lot but I don’t like snakes too. My first time playing I played with animal settings to default but keep getting attack by the snakes and sharks. I went back and adjust the settings to passive. I notice the there’s 3 setting for animals, you can removed, passive, and default. I started a 2 game with removed settings on animals I like this setting its good for when you just want to relax and just explored without being attack by snakes, sharks or any other animal but it keeps like the small crabs that you catch for food which is good. A couple days later I went back to the 2nd game with the same settings and i notice that the small crabs was not there any more to catch for food. I change the back to default and tried passive to and they reappear in those 2 settings and then i switch back to removed and they where gone again. I don’t understand how in the beginning they were there and now they’re not.

I believe “removed” stops animals from spawning so when you start a new game the default animals on the islands will be there but will not respawn when you kill them.

My advice is just play on Passive.