Separate lion fish slot, too little stone in the deposit


It is necessary to catch fish every now and then. When securing food, it is worth catching a lion fish to scare away sharks. Unfortunately, the lion fish stacks up with the others. A few pieces are not a problem, but separating them from among several dozen becomes tedious. If it would automatically occupy separate slots, it would be an important facilitation. Maybe treat a unique fish exceptionally?

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I have to put aside into separate clusters and then collect again and into different containers. Direct insertion into one container and then into another is even more troublesome. Can anything be done about it?
Of course, you can only catch lion fish, but is it not a waste of a short day for one activity? I think it’s better to achieve two goals at once. You can of course place the fish in the container without separating it. But after all, crates are also there to be able to keep order.

By visually comparing a pile of 50 stones and a stone deposit giving 6, a conclusion is drawn: the deposit yields too little stone. I think each stone deposit should yield 24 stones. It is not necessary to change the animation. It is enough to chip off four stones at a time six times. Same thing with clay. What is the obstacle to giving players more resources?

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Somehow the question always arises: why can’t we build with stone? Is it so difficult to implement? After all, adding this possibility and adding iron ore deposits will make Stranded Deep complete in this respect.

6 pieces of clay in a deposit and 50 in a pile.

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Hi adtto,

Before logging a feature request I want to make sure you are aware of all options:
Are you aware that you can use the mouse-wheel to scroll through a stack of fish and select the lionfish manually that way?

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Hi Night_Snake!

I didn’t know this option. Thank you for the information (there is no information about this in the options). I checked how it works. This solution makes it much easier, but it would be faster to put a lion fish in a separate container if it had a separate slot.

I recently tested if the mouse wheel works as zoom out in third person view. I have such a large raft that even in this view, it cannot be seen in its entirety. It’s a pity.

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