Seawater Still and Salt

I was just brainstorming some ideas and came up with this idea:
A new still could be crafted using a barrel or clay pot/pan which is filled with seawater. The seawater evaporates and fills the coconut flask (just like the current still) but leaves behind salt. The salt could be collected and used to cure meats for long term storage.
A wooden barrel could be constructed from planks, which could then be filled with salt and meats. The meats would cure after a full game day. The salt would be consumed over time and need to be refilled.

I haven’t built a smoker yet so I don’t know if that keeps meats for a long time or not, but food spoilage is very rapid (a good thing for meats, not as good for fruits; fruits should take longer). Curing with salt would alleviate that.

Let me know what you think.

When you smoke the meat on a smoker, the durability increases a lot. Nevertheless, I like your idea xd

it increases infinitely; smoked food never spoils


Old versions had bucket items.
You drank rainwater or boiled seawater.
The item is now gone.

Unless the salt is necessary for your health like it is in Escape the Pacific, adding a salt harvesting mechanic to this game would be pointless since we already have the smoker which preserves meat. Another way to avoid having spoiled meat is to leave the corpse unskinned. Then harvest the meat when you’re ready to eat it. It’s unrealistic, but that’s how this game works.

Even if realistic I think it would make the game a bit too easy if all you need to do to get water is make it from sea water that is everywhere. Now by making water from fibrous leaves that can run out there is a bit of challenge.

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I agree.
I’m enjoying it enough as it is now.

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If you’re on a good island you’ll never run out of fibrous leaves anyway.

Tombab, OP was talking about making salt out of sea water, not water.

Fibrous Leaves technically will never run out as Palm Saplings respawn pretty quickly, so its rather easy to stock up on having them(I currently have three piles of 50, plus a full pile of lashings). This is especially easy if you have two, or three Yucca bushes on your island as they also respawn giving six Fibrous Leaves.