Sea life ideas plz

the stingrays, other sharks, turtles, grouper fish…make them all interactable. Food sources, or can ■■■■ you , or groupers can steal your bait :rofl:


I know grouper on pc can be killed and used for food, I believe the stingrays as well, but not sure if that was patched. I’m console, but watch a lot of YouTube videos with different platforms

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I would love this too.

Yes, you can catch them. I have PS4 version and i just caught a Giant grouper with my fishing pole :wink:

Were you near the shore or out at sea?

There’s an easy way to figure this out from this update. Just take a spear and go find one to kill. I know it wasn’t possible before the update

I have tried to spear them since the update as I noticed they are now static. You can not swim through them anymore. This is causing me issues as well!
Anyways, my spears did nothing and disappeared.

We’re you able to target them? I’m guna jump on game later tonight to see if there’s anyway to catch them.

Fyi on xb1 Throwing spears at them did not work but stabbing them with one did. I killed several now.

Nice, I can’t really use a raft lol, it just goes straight and only turns right. Being that I rely on my farm islands, I kinda can’t play unless I wanna take bout 2 hours real time to get to the island I want. I was jumping off the raft to turn it too lol, but even that takes more time and only saves me bout 30 min real time instead of 2 hrs.