Saving/Transferring Islands on PC

I have a Island saving related question I’m hoping someone can assist with.
So me and my SO are playing together and she made an island on my PC. Were trying to save the map file on a flash drive, steam, etc. The problem all i can find online is that the map files are stored under the stranded deep/stranded deep data/editor/maps folder, but, the current file allocation is stranded deep/stranded deep/data/ and at this point I see 3 options. Bundles, Default maps, and Licenses. I cannot locate the (i assume new) area where the map files are saved. I even downloaded an island pack from the steam market place, and confirmed that i could use them in game, but when i go through literally every file under stranded deep i cannot find where the map files are saved. Are they saved or loaded under a steam folder im not familiar with? Any help would be much appreciated.

Send it to the steam workshop so the other can download it.