Same Song for years

New updates or bug fixes to the game for years, new animals, items etc. I’m waiting, Strandeed Deep producers only do is to release the game on new platforms and reproduce the problems that grow like a mountain, now they renewed the co-op, even the youtubers who played strandeed deep in the morning and evening rebelled and left the game. There are so many problems that there are no mods and maps left on Steam. The game repeats itself after a while, so you get bored. There seems to be a lot of items, but there seems to be more than 5 different ways to craft an item. For example, you make the chair you can’t sit on with many different items. When I first started, the compass showed the wrong direction - Trees that were cut back to appear from afar - Materials lost in the bushes - Sharks wandering in the sand - Stuck inside or not being able to get inside at all due to sunken shipwrecks standing diagonally or in the rocks - Lost chests - Etc. The problems have not been fixed for years. You ask people to be respectful on the forums, but it’s not very respectful that you haven’t made any changes to the game for years and make fun of us.
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Omg yes. It gets boring. The only thing that should not change is if you hear the danger music or a lil random one. Also hve the ability to turn down the music yet keep the danger music going. If there is danger.