Same SEED different map

Trying to help someone with their game so I entered their SEED number and I am getting a completely different map.

We are both on PS4

Hi Lothaer,

Thank you for reporting this, can you tell me which of the images you provided is the original map and when the original map was created? There was an issue with seeds not matching that the team created a fix for. If the top map is the oldest and it was made before this fix was released it may be that it was not generating the seed correctly when it was created.

I checked the seed number on my own PS and I got the same as the bottom image. If there is a spare save slot it might be worth the top player trying the seed again, if they then get a map that matches the bottom one then that might confirm my theory (Assuming the top is the original map)

The only other thing I can think of (which shouldn’t be the case, but with bugs, who knows) is that my console is set to English, same as the bottom image, however the top one is set to german. I know there’s some localisation issues with other languages when generating the maps (though it involves issues with loading them entirely), so if the map in the top image was created recently, and that seed always generates that map for them, but generates the bottom map if their console is set to english, then that would be a something to do with localisation - and something that obviously should not happen for seeds.

If you could give me a bit more information on the saves and which image is which, that may help me to determine which of my theories might be closer and refine my report for the team.

The top image is the original in German and the bottom image is from my game.

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Thanks for confirming the images. If you find out anything else about the save, please do let me know, but I’ll let the team know so they can look into it regardless.

I do know it’s the same version 2083.

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No worries, thank you Lothaer.