Russian language

Здравствуйте. Хочу узнать будет ли добавлен русский язык илокализованная версия для sony ps5 и ps4 ??? Так же как это было сделано для ПК версии…


Hello. I want to know if Russian language and localized version will be added for sony ps5 and ps4 ??? Just as it was done for the PC version …

Hi Vaga29,

I have edited your post to have an English translation and title. As all our staff are English speakers, we ask that players post in English or include an 1:1 english translation with their post as per the Rules and Guidelines:

As our Staff and Moderators are all English Speakers, please avoid using other languages. We need to be able to read everything posted in order to effectively run the forums. If you are unable to or do not feel confident writing in English, please use an online translator. If you are concerned about your post being mistranslated you may post in your preferred language on the condition that a 1:1 translation accompanies it.

Thank you for your understanding.

At the moment I do not have any information on future translations being added to the game. However I know the team want to port as much as possible over from PC so there is a chance it may be added in the future. I recommend keeping an eye on News and Announcements because any changes, updates or additions to the game will be listed there where patches are released.

I will also add your count to the player request list for this language.

Hello, a year has passed since my appeal, but the Russian language did not appear so very sorry !!!