Rocks respawning

I have heard multiple times from console players that rocks naturally respawn on the console version of the game. As I am a PC player, I cannot test that out - can any console player prove or disprove this with 100% certainty? This information is required for editing the Fandom wiki.

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I have never seen rocks respawn, at least in the 600+ in-game days I’ve played. I’ve always seen some rumors that certain things respawn in the game but I really think that people just missed certain items the first time around and then rediscovered them.

With the exception of Yucca/palm saplings I personally believe everything in the game is finite. Yes, even the fish (albeit a very large amount) - hunt grouper for a good while and you’ll see what I mean. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m a console player and never seen a rock respawn. What I think happens is rocks are hidden on the shore line in high tide and visible during low tide and missing the rocks the first time round a island.

I know I’ve missed rocks in grass I didn’t see until my 2nd visit to an island

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I’m a console and PC player, and this is the first time I’ve heard anything about rocks respawning.

Might be that the person(s) who mentioned it to you simply missed a rock and didn’t notice until they revisited the area. I’ve done that before myself due to the grass obscuring view of rocks occasionally.

But to my knowledge, only Small Palms and yucca leaves will respawn as harvestable items.

Tide? I’ve never seen low or high tide. Which console are you playing?

They do not respawn. I have played it enough to know. I wish they did tho. That would be awesome. But i am 1000% sure of it.

Yes there is a tide effect on console (I’m ps4). They run every 12hrs. High tide at around 9am/pm and low tide 3pm/am. Direction runs NE and SW or N and S