Rocks respawning

I have heard multiple times from console players that rocks naturally respawn on the console version of the game. As I am a PC player, I cannot test that out - can any console player prove or disprove this with 100% certainty? This information is required for editing the Fandom wiki.

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I have never seen rocks respawn, at least in the 600+ in-game days I’ve played. I’ve always seen some rumors that certain things respawn in the game but I really think that people just missed certain items the first time around and then rediscovered them.

With the exception of Yucca/palm saplings I personally believe everything in the game is finite. Yes, even the fish (albeit a very large amount) - hunt grouper for a good while and you’ll see what I mean. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m a console player and never seen a rock respawn. What I think happens is rocks are hidden on the shore line in high tide and visible during low tide and missing the rocks the first time round a island.

I know I’ve missed rocks in grass I didn’t see until my 2nd visit to an island