Rocks hence tools are finite?

Hi… it appears that rocks are finite in the game. Since the basis of all tools is rocks, then tools are finite and will ultimately run out? Rocks turn into stone tools which then are used to make axes and knives for example. These tools wear out and will expire and you will need to carve out more stone tools from rocks. When the rocks run out, the stone tools and all of your other tools will run out. Is this thinking accurate? If so, then eventually there will be no means to do anything that requires and axe or a knife?


I wish I we could have rocks respwning and planting trees that gives us wood because it’s very limited and unrealistic

Crude hammers and refined axes can have their durability back at 100% by using the plank station


@Thunder … nice, can you elaborate on how to do that ?

Sure. It works for both crude hammer and refined axe but I only do it for my refined axe.

Use your refined axe down till about 5-10% durability left then craft a plank station.
Destroy plank station using a refined knife or pickaxe (hammers don’t break items) now your refined axe will be back to 100%

To get the most out your stone tools use them till about 5-10% durability left then craft a refined knife or pickaxe or refined spear or crude axe. With your crude axe same thing use it until about 5-10% durability left then craft refined axe.


@Thunder … Great, thanks so much for the info! I will definitely have to try this. :slight_smile:

@Thunder … Tried this last night… worked perfectly! I received back a 100% refined axe and hammer. I like that you get all of the supplies back as well when you break it down. Except for the log. I could not interact with the log. I am sure this is normal and makes sense that’s its now unusable.
Thanks for the tip!

That’s great. In regards to the log yes after breaking plank station you can’t interact with it except for making sticks out of it. But I do know after a period time the log does become intractable again. I yet work out the length of time

On PS4 how do you find out the % of the tools health?

Assuming its the same as xbox, highlight the item in your inventory and it should tell you :facepunch:t2:

Interaction with the log is limited, but you can use it to re-craft a Plank Station


You can create custom Islands with the cartographer.
You can add rocks,3 stone deposits,wood ,trees palm trees,animals,many shipwrecks and much more.

you can find the cartographer in the main menu. it also shows you your map. this way you can find the bosses more easily or just to know where you are if you got lost.

the cartographer is great for farming, especially when you need crates and lamps. the many shipwrecks are full of crates and spins.

if you are unsure you can watch tutorial videos on Youtube.

I hope I could help you and wish you a lot of fun while playing.