Road map for Stranded Deep

Is there a road map from the developers for future work on the game?


I too am interested in seeing a roadmap. Great job to devs so far beautiful game

3 months later and still no reply from devs or support on road map? Covid or just plain neglect?

It’s neglect. I’ve messaged them on 7 different platforms over the last year and a half asking very polietley to have a back and forth with anyone from their team. No reply whatsoever. I currently hold just about every speedrun record for Stranded Deep, I’ve discovered dozens of glitches, I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of people learn to play the game in one way or another, and they’re fully aware of all of that. So I’m left to the conclusion that they just don’t want feedback, or the hassle of interacting with their audience, or they’re literally just treating SD like a job that they utterly don’t care about. Reply to me and prove me wrong Beam Team! You won’t.

Hi SpeedyDeep,

As a mod / support I don’t have information about roadmaps for the game, however I am sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues when playing Stranded Deep. For messages surrounding feedback and suggestions, while they are greatly appreciated and we do read through them, the team does not always get a chance to respond to each message directly. For reporting issues we ask players to do so via the forums here, support channels on the official website or the Steam Bug Reports section. Though we aim to respond to as much as possible there may be a delay in responding too. Socials are rarely used for following up on bug reports and it’s easy to miss reports, in comments sections especially.

If there is a specific issue you wish to report, please feel free to do so via the bug reports section here. If there is a bug report you feel we missed via email that you wish us to look into please send me a DM with the email address you sent it under, through which contact form and when - if it was not received we would need to look into this on our end too but you still might not get a response given the volume of emails we receive. The forum team here does not overlap with the Steam forum team but I can do my best to highlight a report for you.

Please also be aware that while the team welcomes all constructive feedback for Stranded Deep, both positive and negative. However, we also ask that users respect the forums and it’s rules when posting - Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep
Please avoid misinformation, doom and gloom and accusations about staff and their intentions in future.

Thank you.


feelsbad bro
the game is most certainly awesome !
you have speedruns ? where can i see ?

How about you actually reapond to pc players and stop worry only about ps4 and xbox money grabs. You do know pc is broken too? Or are you just ignoring pc cause you already got all the money from the players for the past 5 years. Pretty sad when a whole dev team doesnt care about pc being broken and wont even addressed the players for pc u only worried about ps4 and xbox

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Hi MADDabber55,
In the post you are replying to:

Also in the FAQ

Please try to keep it constructive.
The team is very aware of issues being reported by by PC and console players and are working hard to address them.

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