Reward for max skill lvl

So Stranded Deep has 5 different skill sets.
To my knowledge games that have skill sets that when a skill gets maxed out you get some kind of bonus.
I’d like to suggest this to happen in SD.

They don’t have to be huge be it would a nice incentive.
For example
-Maxed hunting skill you might get a sharpening stone or a fishing net
-Maxed cooking skill could be a pot or a drying rack for jerky
-Maxed harvesting skill could be a woven basket or a machete
-Maxed physical skill could be diving tanks (using existing air tanks) or flippers
-Maxed crafting skill could be increased durability for tools or be able to craft refine hammer.

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It’s a great idea. A meat drying rack would be especially useful. Less cooking and smoking. The flippers alone would be very helpful.

Incentives for max skill levels would be great and aide in the enjoyment of the game