Restrictions again, why? for what?

Hey Claire. With yesterday’s patch, you blocked the ability to arrange homesteads in this way. Now the already drastically reduced and limited PS4/5 sandbox has even fewer features (combined with max raft size limit, no chairs to sit on, ceiling for gyrocopter lift height, should I continue?..) and instead of a beautifully designed base, the game lets me build only potholes from the beds on the island, which is depressing and disappointing. This brings me closer to the thought of abandoning this pernicious idea with faith in you. Despite the general skepticism about your activities, I have so far been one of those people who continued to believe in you and your cause, but you literally did everything to destroy any rudiments of remaining trust, after which the once beloved game will be removed in cold blood and never installed again. Negligence towards the user. Complete misunderstanding of the needs of the players! A vague idea of your own product, you don’t know what you want to do, what story you want to tell people, what features the game needs to have in order for it to be something fun and interesting. I don’t know how this game has been developed to the current stage… Given the intensity of small patch releases, this seems impossible. You stopped being who you were when you started this project. There is no need to write all this hypocritical script nonsense about “you are sorry to hear this”, here the consumer can only feel sorry for his wasted time.

There is no need to take your frustrations out on Clare.


No restrictions were made to building in v2121. If there’s a particular configuration that is no longer possible, please post specific details and I will look into it.

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Prior to game version 2121, there was a useful bug in the game that allowed you to place the gardens in an arbitrary place after reaching a certain height, which allowed them to be placed in the position indicated on the skreenshots. You blocked this opportunity without offering anything in return.

Obviously that wasn’t supposed to be possible in the first place

Not all bugs are bad and need to be fixed. The main purpose of updates in video games is to improve the quality of the user experience, in the long run, and not to achieve the sterility of the program code. Sometimes a software bug can become an interesting mechanic that improving and expanding the user experience. Removing such bugs from the game is tantamount to reducing the functionality, which reduces the quality of the gameplay, reduces the variability and flexibility of the game builder, makes the game for you less responsive and more clumsy, which is ultimately bad for everyone.

I understand that you’re frustrated, but not all games have to be able to do everything, much less everything you want. It’s a survival game, but the ultimate goal is to defeat the three bosses and escape.
Also it’s a game. This isn’t the end of the world. Yes, you want to be satisfied with a product, but ultimately it’s not going to ruin your life.

Yes, you do want to be satisfied and so do the developers. More satisfied customers means more positive posts and more money from purchases for developers. Generally I agree with reasonable logical restrictions. IE in the above picture there is a building being supported by staircases, could only happen in a world with no gravity. BUT the other side of that is also true, in an open world game, like say Fallout, I expect to be able to reasonably do what I want. Example, My wife and I play for something to do together, why do I have to fight anyone to be rescued? Just fix the plane and leave if we want. But what if we don’t WANT to be rescued, just enjoy being off the grid. Your ability to survive runs out when you run out of rocks. Can’t make a knife, can’t cut fiber, can’t eat or drink. On an island FULL of rocks, I can’t break new ones. Not a game I would spend money on. When you reach a certain age, it’s about accomplishing things, not fighting. Leave them there to fight if they want to but not force them to.