Request for more items that are "Pile" compatible

Greetings fellow Survivors!

I love the new Piles update for console, makes resource management so much easier than it was before and saves us from excess lag and load stress on the game.

But, I would like to make a request for more items to be able to be Piled together:

*Plank scrap
*Metal scrap
*Clay bricks
*Raw hide
*Baked Beans tins
*Clay pots
*Leather water skins
*Coconut flasks (and maybe each potion/drink made with the flask?)
*Boat motor and gyrocoptor parts etc
*Gas cans
*Lanterns (not automatically illuminated at night when stacked)
*Refined hammers
*Other tools/weapons if appropriate

(note: most of these don’t need to be full stacks of up to 50, some/most things listed above could be in the 10-25 sized stacks so they sit nicely and look right)

Also, if we could re-bundle the world-spawned raft base materials, like tyres and barrels (into 3’s) and buoy balls (into 5’s), back together, (with an added cost of lashings maybe, and have the graphics of it rendered to be obvious that it’s player-made binding) that would be cool for keeping them organized, and also for decorative purposes when we have max size rafts but still like having things sitting around our base.

I’ve probably forgotten a few more items that could be stacked more efficiently, so feel free to comment any others that could may be added to my list.

Thanks for reading, hope the devs agree with me and can accommodate my request.


Agreed with most of this, but I have doubts about piling the flasks together, be it coconut, leather or clay. It seems the way the game is fundamentally built, it will always spawn containers at full capacity (doesn’t dedicate memory to remembering item durability), and will be far too easy to exploit.

Is this full capacity/durability bug unique to piles vs stacks? I have been stacking ‘used’ tools and empty water containers with their unused/full counterparts for weeks now on Xbox1, it seems to track the status just fine…
But I would very much like to see as much of that list above be made “Pileable” as possible…

And as a bonus if you can, make the pile of gas cans be ignitable!!! muhahaha… ok, just kidding, don’t do that.

Talking about piles specifically; not just stacking hammers or whatever on the ground in a grouping but using the craft function to make a “pile” structure.

The exploit seems to go for any depletable item “spawned”. In the survivor remnants, when you find coconut drinks, crude axes, refined axes, etc. they are always at full durability/capacity. When you bust a plank station, the refunded refined axe and crude hammer spawned are at full durability (please continue to ignore this Beam Team, this is not a complaint). When you bust a water still, the refunded coconut flask spawned is full even if the water still and/or the constructing coconut flask was empty. The jerrycans seem to be empty when you bust a fuel still but jerrycans are also empty by default when found on shipwrecks.

I’m willing to bet that this is why the coconut drink exploit exists (where you can pile them together and any empty ones put in will be refilled). Piles seem to mimic wooden container storage on a surface level, but they ignore the usual maximum capacities, so they treat the objects put into them differently than wooden containers. Come to think of it, I don’t think you can use R1/L1 to flip through items in a pile like you can with stacked items in your inventory/container. The game literally doesn’t remember the individual qualities of items put in piles or used in crafting. If you could pile refined hammers, I bet each one would come out at 100%, and if you could pile jerrycans, I bet each one would come out at 0%.

I’d still like to see more of that original list of items be allowed to Pile…

I’d also like to be allowed to “RE-pile” barrels, tyres & bouy’s. Getting real tired of those stinking seagulls flying through my neatly placed extra barrels & tyres and nocking them all over the place. (bouy’s at least I have stashed in crates.)

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Haha the gulls are the exact reason my raft is either anchored or pulled well away from rocks, seen it being launched by the super gulls to many times haha