Recent console update

I find it absolutely ■■■■■■■ stupid yall nerf the custom island feature for us. I had everything working well to play the game longer after beating it. I now can’t find enough material, and have to restart my vet world. I truly appreciate your lack of common sense, and understanding of what we want. It’s absolutely annoying you can only do so much in the game an pooff. I will 100% be dropping the game until yall grow up, and do something beneficial for the community. Why restart after beating the game? Why can’t I make a big base, and collect on? Why do I have to restart everything? I see no deduction on y’all’s teams part at making the game fun for us. YEAHHHH PC GETS EVERYTHING LIKE EVERY GAME MADEEE…. WOOO PUSH CONSLE SALES AWAY.