Recent console update

I find it absolutely ■■■■■■■ stupid yall nerf the custom island feature for us. I had everything working well to play the game longer after beating it. I now can’t find enough material, and have to restart my vet world. I truly appreciate your lack of common sense, and understanding of what we want. It’s absolutely annoying you can only do so much in the game an pooff. I will 100% be dropping the game until yall grow up, and do something beneficial for the community. Why restart after beating the game? Why can’t I make a big base, and collect on? Why do I have to restart everything? I see no deduction on y’all’s teams part at making the game fun for us. YEAHHHH PC GETS EVERYTHING LIKE EVERY GAME MADEEE…. WOOO PUSH CONSLE SALES AWAY.

What result are you hoping for from your complaint? Try to remain civil. I know you’re upset but swearing, name-calling, or being overly subjective isn’t anything the team can “fix” or really do anything useful with.

I generally agree and this is probably a maturity issue BUT they are not necessarily wrong in what they are complaining about. I feel the developers may also be of a younger generation and not really seeing the viewpoint that people may very well just want to exist here and build stuff. Not get rescued, just hang and explore and live their virtual lives. The game will ultimately be more successful if it accommodates both viewpoints which it totally can quite easily.

something that a lot of people simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND, but are willing to gripe about, is that the game was never intended to be a long term or indefinite survival sandbox. it has an objective, which is to escape Pacifica, and elements of the game allow you to have fun while doing it. even on PC, the game itself is constrained by software and hardware limitations. That is why they have restricted the number of custom islands that can be made, raft size, and so on for the consoles, which have nowhere near the processing power of a PC. The infinite custom islands were causing more problems than they were worth. no amount of childish griping and whining is going to change that. glitches do happen, and the Beam Team tries to address those, but this is a handful of people, not a large corporation like Activision. So Nugz, do us all a favor. the next time you wanna come in here and throw a tantrum…don’t. Address your concerns in a civil manner or not at all.

What their complaint can be filtered down to is unclear.

Intended? How do you know this? Generally, I think they intended to make a lot of money and the best way to do that is to be very flexible. Some level of comparison would be StarDew Valley where the community has supported the growth from the beginning but they are still struggling with the end game concept. There is no addiction to just playing for a few days and then escaping. My wife and I (both over 60) are playing for something to do and we are now nearing day 100. Our first challenge was surviving 10 days on the beginning island. Sure we could escape, could have done that in just a matter of days, but why? Give us something to do and we’re more likely to purchase the game and upgrades or mods, THAT’s where the money is and what makes an Activision. Consoles have a crapload of processing power and WERE plenty fast and efficient because they are just a hopped up PC in a small box. Then Microsoft decided to swap the OS up from windows 6.x to windows 10 under the hood and encrypt the whole system. They spend more time trying to protect their stupid PC in box than anything else. The upgrade and encryption made the box so damn slow that Fallout and Skyrim were unplayable. I just shelved it until the series X came out and balanced the speed again.

Where you at in Texas? We’re in Austin.

Agreed but the indications are that his custom islands were blow away with a single island restriction. Just getting but I get it from a performance aspect. What I can’t understand is why rocks are so limited when every island is made of them. They need to break that restriction out as a simple output of hitting the refined pick onto the background base object instead of it being a dedicated resource. IE… move it from a tracked object out of memory into a function that just produces a single rock after a few hits.