Raft Steering Issue - with diagram

And this is my “little one”. Same problem - it’s a carousel! No way to reach the nearby island, and the waters are shark-infested. No difference if I use sails and rudder, or the engine - always spins clockwise.

Please find the bug and create a patch to fix this problem. I cannot continue this game until I can reach islands again.

Where’s your anchor?

Yes, anchor existing, but forgot to include: middle of front. I re-uploaded, image is now correct. Thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile:

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I absolutley love that diagram. My experience with this is usually something I added over there has shifted the weight off center or caused it to happen. It doesn’t have to make sense or be noticable, but might have to save, then start taking bits off until it stops doing it and then single it out from there.

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Hi Hirnsausen - Welcome to the forums!

I moved your post, and it’s replies to a new topic as the one your were responding to was 2 months old and we have had some new updates since then - and also so I can address your post seperately.

Please let me know:

  • What platform are you playing on
  • What version of the game you’re playing - as I mentioned there have been a few updates, but the number should read 2033 in the bottom left of the main menu if you’re up to date
  • Was this raft created in the current version, or a previous version? For example we know rafts from version 1820 had issues when updated to version 2009. Versions can be tricky to keep trackof, but if you know roughly when this save was started I can match it with dates on my end.
  • Desmonddark85 mentioned experience with balancing issues before, if you have tried adjusting your layout since posting, please let me know if t had any affect on your steering
  • I see you have both a motor and a rudder, do you use both at the same time? Even if using them seperately, if you remove one or the other and try using only one mode of travel, does it help at all?
  • Similarly you should be able to travel using the motor without the use of sails, if you had sails deployed with the motor, please try raising them and using just the motor.

Any extra information about how you are traveling would be greatly appreciated as it may help myself and the team to understand where the root cause of the issue is.

Thank you also for that fantastic digaram - it is hugely benifical to understanding your issue and your raft setup

It’s the yellow balls. For some reason they act weird when you are trying to transport animals or in storms. Try the barrels, they seem to be better with a raft your size. :+1: If you are close to shore make sure u are not stuck on a rock in the water…