Raft size limit in Single Player

I see from previous topics that the raft was limited to 4x5 because of an issue in multiplayer but it also appears it is limited in single player? Will this be addressed when the syncing issue is resolved?

Hi Repairmanjon, welcome to the forums.

I moved your post to it’s own topic in General Discussion as it was a query about rafts rather than a bug report and was not directly related to the topic you had posted in.

It is my understanding that while large rafts could affect issues in Multiplayer, they could have an effect on stability in Single Player also.

I have not heard of any plans from the team to lift the size limits on the raft, especially with the inventory space increase for crates to help balance the reduced number of crates a raft can carry. I will however pass this as feedback onto the team.

Inventory increase is nice but sheer fun of building a huge raft is lost and it makes it difficult to transport the cargo container pieces to your island base if like me you were planning on doing that. Not impossible just… challenging :sweat_smile: thanks for the quick feedback!

My raft is max allowed size and i manage to carry 2 container panels with 4 floors removed so they are offset from each other slightly.

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Yeah I am also able to grab 2 at a time. Made a 4 x5 raft just for that purpose with only 2 plank supports for a motor and anchor. Any more than 2 container walls put you underwater :bubbles: :face_with_peeking_eye:

How did you get container walls on your raft?

drag them with the trigger buttons on controller, don’t know the buttons for pc

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Btw it’s right mouse button

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