Raft Materials?

I used the search function but didn’t find anything on this. Is there a difference other than aesthetics on what you make your raft out of? I know you can make a wood base, buoy base, tire base, barrel base and so on. Also, I know you can make the flooring out of wood, clay bricks, stone (i think) and scrap metal. Are some builds able to carry more without tipping? Are some faster than others? Or is it purely aesthetic based?

I believe it is purely aesthetic, however I do know that if you make a buoy/tyre base then attach a barrel base the barrels will sit lower in the water and catch on things that the buoys/tyre go over.


I think @Lothaer is completely correct. The only functional difference is how low they sit in the water. Because of this, Tires & Buoys are the best base as they sit the highest. Sticks and Barrels sit lower in the water and are more prone to getting caught up on sandbars and rocks.

As far as traveling speed & capacity, I think they’re all identical.

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