Raft disappeared AGAIN

Once again my raft disappeared
I started all over again,last time my handmade raft with all boxes on it disappeared.
This time the yellow raft ,I dragged on shore and it still disappeared
Please fix this
I’m over it

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Hi SaluteKiller,

I’m sorry to hear you have experienced this issue again.

When your yellow raft vanishing, was it a similar situation to your handmade raft where you saved after landing at an island? How far into a new save when this occurred and had you traveled to any other islands?

Normally the reports I see of this are in more established save but if this was very early in the save I shall highlight this for the team members working on the issue.

It is May 7 2021 and you guys still didn’t fix the raft disappeared bug.

Hi Majorpayne,

While I understand players are frustrated with this issue and the time it is taking to release a fix for it, I must request that you adhere to forum rules when posting. This includes avoiding revival of older threads such as this one (referal via a link in a new post is fine).

There is more up to date information on this issue in the known issues thread - [Known Issue] Rafts/Gyro vanishing after sleep/save - We also appreciate any and all information players can share about their experience of the issue. If you wish to share your details, please do so in the post linked above or by creating a new bug report in the bug reports section.

I am going to close this thread to prevent further necroposting. If anyone wishes to refer to the information contained in this thread, please create a new post and link to this one.