Quick inventory moving, stack moving

Hi everyone, did you ever thought that moving whole stacks when you are moving things from your inventory to create or pile would be nice? instead of 24x clicks just 1 click and some key? (this is example of yucca stack 24x) Whats your opinion? I think it would be a nice feature!


I fully agree.

In many games you can do such a thing with a SHIFT+CLICK or CTRL+CLICK. But since you are already holding down a key for keeping inventory open, such an approach probably won’t work that well. But maybe a long click or something like this would also work.

I didnt think about that :smiley: i hold the key and even dont know about that, xd. So there could be two solutions. changing the holding invetory into toggle so you open and then close the invenotory, or as you mentioned, by some sort of click (long, double ect.) I will do another suggestion about toggle invetory and see if people would like it in game.

sorry for my english :slight_smile: