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Howdy, survivors!

I’ve recently been thinking about buying Stranded Deep on Xbox, so I can finally play it on my new Xbox Series X. Stranded Deep has been a game, that I’ve been interested in and have had my eye on for awhile now. However, I wanted to ask the community a few questions in regards to the game, such as achievements, and the overall difficulty to the game?

With that said, how hard is the learning curve to Stranded Deep, and are the achievements extremely tedious in terms of going for a 100% completion? I’m a fan of open-world survival games, and I’m also someone who likes to try and 100% most of the games I play. I’d appreciate the feedback…thanks!

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I suggest dont you tube and play it once for a few days. You will get frustrated and figure some things out. You will feel like a hero when you realize you can make a farm plot and grow anything by making a coconut flask (takes.a.bit). I loved figuring it out and now I got it figured I want to master it.

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Hi, Vindicator78

Thanks for your response. I think I’m going to buy the game this Friday, it does look like a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed playing survival games, where you have to gather supplies, food and where you have to craft and build things. Also, the whole aspect of being able to build rafts and travel to different islands seems pretty awesome.

With that said, I don’t mind having to start off slow to learn things, I was just curious on how difficult the game can be. I’m also someone who enjoys achievement hunting as well, so I was wondering how hard the achievements were and if they can be tedious or whatnot. Anyway, thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts, it was much appreciated…cheers! :slight_smile:

So to help you more in depth, it’s only you vs environment, not like other survival games where there’s zombies, tribesmen, or mutants. Sharks are your main problem when traveling to island to island, as well as other animals on your islands can cause problems for you too. There is a feature to make all of these passive, so you can kinda go around and do things without a lot of fuss and hassle (I myself at the moment have them as passive till I get things built and going). There’s 3 bosses to beat when you are ready, there’s really no “quests”, it’s completely freeplay open world, and you can customize it too. The game never ends till you are ready

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Hi, Mtragincajun79

Wow…thanks for the long breakdown, I really appreciate how much you explained everything in full detail. When Stranded Deep first came out back in April, I’ve always wanted to play this game but kinda forgot about it overtime. And then I recently seen it on sale in the Countdown Sale on Xbox for $13, and I told myself that this is a great opportunity to finally get the game.

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Yvw, happy to help :slight_smile: Yea I paid the same price back in September lol

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