QoL: Yucca Fruit, reviving dead plants

Hello! I would like to throw my hat in the ring for small quality of life suggestions.

I understand and fully embrace that this is a game of resource management, and that one of the goals is to eventually become self-sufficient to the point that you can afford to relocate your stuff, as a choice, without losing your materials. This cannot be done with Yucca Fruit as the farmed trees do not grow a fruit and the wild trees will not regrow it. I would like to see this changed so you don’t have to worry where you plant your as-of-now-finite amount of Yucca Fruit in the early game.

Tied into this, while farming is a powerhouse, the risk of your plants dying does dampen your ability to explore the archipelago, I would like the change that they simply stop producing while unwatered and not flat out permanently die. I heard stories of resurrecting plants before, but that was around the same time that they were also stacking their yield, so I am unsure if plant resurrection was intended or even part of the current build.

Thanks for reading!

It’s already in the game. Just wait for it to rain. It revives dead plants. Let it rain, save, reload and the plants will be back.

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If you have to save and reload to get the plants back, that sounds like a bug and not an intended feature. It’s probably good for us to let Beam Team know that this is a desired feature, so they can set it up in an official capacity, or at the very least leave it alone as a hidden “tip/trick”.

At any rate, thanks for the tip!

Just keep your plants watered.

nah, this is a suggestion to the developers for improved gameplay quality, not a request for advice, and it would be a pivotal gameplay improvement if you aren’t tied to your crop island with a 2-3 hour timer with non-replenishable yucca fruit as collateral

If you’re having issues keeping your plants watered then you’re doing something wrong.

never said i had issues with keeping them watered, i said that gameplay is artificially more tedious because you do have to come back to keep your investment alive

As loather said i dont see why your struggling lol you water your crops and thats that lol

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And you don’t have to do that in real life because?..

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Nope, not engaging either of you. Neither of you care to actually read what I type and instead jump on a legitimate suggestion for improvement as an opportunity to condescend.

Improve or make easy?

As expectorant stated this is a QoL suggestion for the team to consider. Not a discussion on their gameplay. Everyone’s entitled to have their opinion on the suggestion itself and discuss it’s merits or how it may effect gameplay. Critique on the suggesters gameplay as part of their suggestion is not warrented here.

Thank you expectorant for your suggestion. I will close this thread now - If you wish for it to be reopened, please let me know.

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