PS5 Vanishing crafted items

In coop, items can’t be seen in crates and when crafting and putting items away, they vanish. Caught 4 crabs the other day, dropped them to gut and they’d vanished. I see you are offering work arounds for the vanishing items in the crates, but it really isn’t good enough. Fix the game or folk will just stop playing.

Hey man, we had this problem in 2021 already. Me and my friend are still waiting for the new console update. For some reason it goes really, really slow for console.

Hi Szr, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced this issue with items vanishing from crates and from the ground.

Please let me know:

  • When putting items away, are they being placed in crates with food that can spoil? The team are currently working on the fix to prevent food items being stuck in crates and vanishing on reload if the food spoils while in the crate.

  • If none of the items in the crates are food related, please elaborate on what items are being put in the crate and if the items vanish on reload, after leaving and returning to an island, after placing the crate in your inventory, or a mixture of all of these situations.

  • When the crabs vanished, did they fade out, blink out of existence, or appear to fall through the ground?

  • When dropping the crabs, did you drop them in succession from your inventory or were they caught and dropped over time?

  • Where you dropped the crabs and were there any structures, items or environmental elements such as bushes or rocks nearby when you did?

I understand these issues can be very frustrating during gameplay and any extra information you can provide about your various experiences would be greatly appreciated by both myself and the dev team working to resolve issues.

Thank you.

Hi @Kerastase , welcome to the forums,

Sometimes there are indeed issues that behave similar to previous ones, or issues that may be fixed for most players but can still be triggered for some. I know it can be disheartening for similar issues to appear or for issues to persist for and the time waiting since the previous update has been a long one but I can confirm that the team are continuing to work on resolving issues as quickly as possible and get the next update ready. As soon as I have information on when it will be released I’ll make an announcement on the forums for the community,

I picked a load of fibrous, made about 8 lashings, put them in a crate and they vanished. The crabs were dropped to the ground in front of the smoker in succession and just vanished in the air, nowhere to be seen. I appreciate you have issues and bugs, but come on. People are paying money for these games which aren’t fit for purpose. Being unable to see in a crate unless the host takes stuff out and puts it back in again isn’t acceptable.

You sure the item is phasing through the ground
Cus it tends to do that quite a bit

No that’s not happened, but I’ve started being booted out the game now too. Somebody fix these bugs!!

Hi Szr,

Thank you for answering my questions. Based on your recent response, can you confirm for me if you are the host or player 2 in the save you’re playing on? This may help to determine if the issues you are experiencing could be the result of desync with the host, or if you are losing them as the host which would be a different type of issue.

I would also greatly appreciate any extra information you can provide about you disconnect experiences, such as…

  • Are both players playing on PS5?

  • What is the NAT type of both players (found in the console network settings - if they’re different please indicate which is the host and which is player2)

  • What region do you play in? Has the host tried any other regions?

  • Have you noticed anything triggering the disconnect, such as trying to remove spoiled food from crates, traveling to new islands, drinking from a shared water container, etc?

Thank you also for your feedback regarding issues present in the game, which I will pass onto the team - The dev team are working to resolve issues reported by players as quickly as possible. As each player can choose to play in a different way, and their gameplay experience can be unique, knowing more details about their experience of these issues can help the team to try to replicate them internally and find the root cause of the issues. Anything you can provide about your own experience would be appreciated by the investigating team members.

Thank you.

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