[PS5] [v.2121] Bird snares not working

In Version 2121 developers notes:

“Fixed birds and bats colliding with constructions and rafts.”

This is great as they no longer topple crates, however, the birds no longer to “collide” with the snares. The bird snares now remain indefinitely empty.

Where are placing them?

They were existing prior to last update and worked.

Place some more because the update might have broke the pre-update bird snare

Hi NgtHwk1,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll report this to the team so they investigate.

I am having the same problem birds landing on the rocks next to to bird traps I have six traps and have not caught any birds I 5 days

Same, can confirm.

Placed a new bird trap and it hasn’t caught anything since placing it and its been 1 week in game

Either to close or the update just broke them

Thank you for the reports. This has been found and fixed.


Thank you very much Sam.

Hi the bird share still not working on ps5 I don’t play on line the game is downloaded on my ps5 will there be an update out soon thanks

Hi Nicole,

The team are currently working on the next update for the game. While there is no confirmed date for it’s release, once it is available a post will be made in News and Announcements with details of what is included. It is my understanding the fix for the bird snare issue should be included in this.

Thanks for getting back to me