PS5, Regular crashes of the game and a bug with the cartographer

Hey Claire. The game on PS5 crashes with an error quite often (several times per hour) both directly during the game and during saving (there is a slight freeze, which ends with a crash of the game with an error in 50% of cases). I think I found one of the possible reasons and showed it in the attached pictures. Problems: 1. One of the islands seems to have sank down, while the entire pool of resources and flora remained at the same level. The shark, which previously lay on the shore, is now under water. 2. In addition, I can not replace the island, which I myself added to the map (marked in red). The game thinks that I am on this island, but me and my base are on the neighboring island on the right, the cartographer does not register the change in the location of the character and the red island cannot be replaced. Please fix this error. Where can I send my save file ?

Hi Shturman889,

Thank you for reporting these, potentially related, issues and for providing screenshots.

Is this a custom or game generated island? Did this sinking of the island occur after a save or crash do you recall? or if a custom island, did it generate this way?

I’ll submit a unique report on this to the team and not you experience a lot of crashes and the potential link.

Regarding the cartographer, the red square should update based on where a character is in the single player game in the slot. Is this where the starting island is in the center of your map or where the single player character is on their map? If you move the single player character it should move the red square for you. If it does not, let me know and I’ll submit an additional report to the team. I also understand this is not clear in the cartographer so I’ll submit a request for the team to consider adding messaging that reflects this.

If you visit this island in both the Single Player and Multiplayer save, are both sunken down?

For sending us a save file - it would be great if you can and could really help the team. You can send the zip file to and if you wouldn’t mind letting me know once you send it, I can then grab it and upload it for the team asap.

Thank you,

Good afternoon Claire. 1. This is a custom island that looked normal (was not flooded, resources were on the ground, not floating in the air) at the time of creation and clearing of resources. Apparently, the flooding happened at some point when I was playing on other islands or adding other islands to the map. 2. In the single player game, as it turned out, there is also a sunken island (I already replaced it with the original one), but this is not the same island that sank in the online game. 3. I didn’t know that the cartographer registers character movements only in single player mode, I tested his work and he noticed a change in the position of the character on the grid, which allowed me to replace the island with the original one. 4. I can freely visit and leave the sunken island, crashes occur at an involuntary moment when I can be at any other end of the map or on a neighboring island or while saving the game. 5. It is necessary to conduct tests taking into account the replacement of the islands with serviceable ones, if the game still behaves the same, I will continue this topic.

P.S. I tried to send an archived save file to the specified email address, but for some reason the email is not sent.

P.S.S. I would like to note that the flooding of the island itself looks like an interesting concept for implementing the mechanics of tides in the game in future updates. I added this item to my set of ideas in the related topic.

Unfortunately, the removal of the sunken islands and the return of the original did not solve the problem of game crashes. The game still crashes when trying to save, about every 4 saves (about 20-30 minutes of play) I don’t know how to send you my save file, for some reason the email you provided is not being sent. Perhaps we can do this through file sharing services. If yes, then write which one is more convenient for you.

Hi Shturman889,

Thank you for answering my questions. And your followup update. I’m sorry to hear that removing the sunken island did not solve the problem of crashing.

You noted the game crashed during gameplay as well as saving, but in you update that followed you only mentioned crashing when saving - do you feel crashes reduced at all or are they about the same?

I’m sorry you’re having issues with sending the email, I asked the team member in charge of that email but they were unsure why it would not send and will investigate further.

In the meantime, you can indeed use a file sharing service. Most generally do not require accounts to access and I’ve received files from players using Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc at various points when emailing wasn’t an option for them. If you’d like to send me a DM with the link rather than trying the email again, that’s cool too - I appreciate all the time you’ve spent trying to get it to me so far.

Claire, it’s a pleasure to communicate with you, even about problems :slight_smile: I’ll do everything tomorrow, thanks for your responsiveness.

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Thank you for your kind words and understanding Shturman889. I’ll keep an eye out for any updates / messages from you tomorrow :slight_smile: (If it takes longer, no worries!)

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Topic closed or frozen, save file sent to developer. The topic will be continued if new problems are found on the new save file.