PS5 raft disappeared bug report multiplayer

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My raft disappeared on stranded deep we have tried resetting the game and it still doesn’t pop up

Restart the file

Raft won’t disappear

Yeah, my RAFT vanished, but I had already saved the game, so it’s lost forever. It’s a pretty vital thing in the game, so this BUG needs fixing and fast.

Hi Yoshi125,

I am sorry to hear this issue has occurred in your save.

Please let me know:

  • Are you playing version 2116? (this number is in the bottom left of the main menu)
  • Please also confirm if this issue occured in version 2116 or before this update. If you do not recall, an estimated date on when this occured may help me to determine what version you were playing at the time.
  • Did this issue occur after a save and reload or during gameplay?
  • If it occurred during gameplay, do you recall what you were doing at the time?
  • Some players who have reported this issue have also reported that they were able to find their raft at the last location they saved, which is often another island. If possible, I recommend trying to get to the last island you saved at before the issue occurred as you may find your raft there.
  • In the same and additional cases to those mentioned in the last point, some players have found the raft submerged in the middle of their island. If you go to the center of your island, can you see any parts of your raft sticking out of the ground?
  • Who was the last one to operate the raft before it vanished, the host or player 2?
  • If the raft vanished after a save and reload, please let me know what, if anything, you recall about the gameplay session and how you saved and quit the game before the issue occurred.
  • Please describe your raft. (size, shape, materials, additional parts, etc)

Any additional information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

[Edit: Added query about what version this issue occured in]

Hi @TheRetroManiac,

The team asked me to ask if you can confirm if your raft vanishing occured while playing version 2116, or if it was an earlier version. This would help in testing a fix they are working on for this issue.

Thank you.

Yes this occurred during 2116 as my very first trophy on the game was July 7th and the last patch if I remember right was end of May so yeah.

So then I decided too test a few things out, so I started slowly trying to get rid of some items on the map so like my crates of food ate them all up and then what would you know just like magic my RAFT spawned back in lol.

I know I checked the area like 50 times easily looking for it but then what do you know my water stills started collecting water again from the storms. So my guess is too many items and piles etc, the game simply cannot handle it all. This was me going from island to island chopping down everything, putting them all in piles etc.

Also, often enough you get stuff that’s stuck in rocks or the ocean floor where you cannot collect all the stuff, so this builds up as things left on the floor and over time I’d imagine the game has too much going on and cannot handle all the data fell free to correct me if I’m miles off the answer just a theory.

Hi TheRetroManiac,

Thank you for confirming that this occurred in 2116. I know the team has been testing a fix for rafts vanishing and knowing when this occurred is good info for them to have.

I appreciate you following up and letting me know that it spawned back after some items were removed and cleared. I’ll let the team know so they can check if this matches with their own internal tests.

I had responded to your other post before reading your latest one, so I shall follow up info I shared with the team from there with info you’ve shared here. I know the team were looking into the effect lots of items, especially if a player cycles custom islands for resources, can have on a save. I’ll let them know this has occurred for you only using islands in the game and that some of the effects have been reversed in your case.

Thank you also for your feedback / theory around items getting lost on the ocean floor. I’ll share this with the team also.