PS5-PS4 (Multiplayer)(2111-2116)Host Issue(kicking non host player every attempt to play)

Summary: I have a ps5, buddy still has ps4, can not get a game going with him. He lives across the US from me, every time we play without fail, he gets his inventory wiped, he has invisible items and when I put stuff in crates he can’t see or use the items so I have to remove them from the crates and give them to him. The biggest issue is him getting kicked every session without fail, sometimes it takes longer than an hour to do so, but sometimes as soon as we drop, his connection to my hosted game is interrupted and he’s kicked. He’s 3000 miles from me, and his/my internet connection is strong. We’ve tried everything to rectify the issues, but on my end the multiplayer game won’t show up on the save slot, so I can’t check the seed, we don’t have a cartographer on the pause menu to reference. We’ve swapped being host but he can’t continue the game that I started and has to start a new multiplayer game with me. We’ve been counting on these updates to help but to no avail and now we’re are asking for help! I absolutely adore this game and have almost 400 hours just by myself playing, please help me make my friend a believer in this game cause he’s pretty disappointed in how it’s treated multiplayer thus far. Much love from the Wild West USA!

Hi Magnetshowdotheywork, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with multiplayer with your friend.

I want to make sure I understand all the effects this is having on your game, please let me know if I missed anything…

  • Every time your friend joins a game, his inventory is wiped.
    • Does this include his stats, as if he is starting from a fresh save, or is it only his inventory?
  • Items your friend has appear invisible
    • Are they only invisible to you, or to both of you? Are these items your friend crafts in the game as player 2?
  • Your friend cannot see items in crates.
    • This sounds like a known issue the team is working on. If you remove and re-add them to the crates, can he see them then or do you need to take them out for him every time?
  • You friend disconnects every session
    • What error message, if any, is seen when your friend is disconnected from you? Have you noticed if it occurs after any particular action, such as traveling between islands, traveling to an island you’ve already been to before, crafting a lot of items, after saving, etc.
  • Multiplayer game not displaying in a save slot
    • Please note the multiplayer save will only display for the host of the game and it is maintained on the hosts console, player 2 does not have independent access to the save. This is why when you swap who is host, you are creating a new save. When you refer to not being able to see the save, is this when your friend is trying to host? If you’re the host, the seed number is the same for both the single player and multiplayer save in the same slot. Once that slot is highlighted, it should show you the correct seed in the cartographer.

Please also let me know…

  • Have you noticed any other issues regarding his stats not depleting correctly or items not updating for him outside of invisible items?
  • What region are you using when playing Multiplayer? Have you tried other regions or Auto?
  • What Router and ISP are you both using?
  • What is the NAT type of you and your friend (this info is in the network settings of your console, if they’re different, please let me know which is which for you both)
  • Have these issues been occurring since you started playing multiplayer, or have you managed to play for some time before the issues start to show?
  • Are you both using Wired or Wireless connections?

I completely understand how disappointing playing multiplayer can be when these issues occur, and any additional information you can provide about your experiences would be greatly appreciated and may help the team in finding the cause of the issue.

Thank you.

Hello! So the biggest thing I noticed is we might just be overloading an island, so much so it probably can’t handle how much material that we’ve harvested and it can’t feasibly be on the island all at the same time. We’re going to try and start a new game together to see if it has to do with the seed.

The error usually shows “disconnected from host”, I’d have to try and recreate it to see the exact error message because I forgot what it really says as it’s been a month since we’ve tried to play it again. It sometimes does that when we are traveling from island to island. And it happens just as one island renders in and one renders out. Sometimes is happens and kicks him at random when we’re just crafting on the island and doing normal things, hunting, building and crafting. Since I’m on the west coast of the US and he is on the east coast, I’ve tried both west and east, and auto just to try and rule that out and it still happens on all of them. We both have great internet connection too, and have reset routers to see if we had connection issues that way, but no luck.

As for not seeing the seed I was unaware that the seed is the same on the solo/multiplayer in the same slot, so I learned that from you, thanks! Our seed is: #56297039

As for the inventory, when we come back to the game and start where we left off, he has crates and so do i, but he can’t see the items inside the crates even though they are there and I can touch and see them while he can’t. A lot of the time I just empty the crate and re-enter the items in the crate and then he can interact as normal with them.

Another issue we have that I forgot to mention is island rendering. Whenever we sail up to an island we can physically see it until we get like 30 yards off shore then the whole island de-spawns, and as that happens I’ve noticed until the island renders back in, my character has unlimited sprint, and breathe under water.

I have Xfinity/Comcast and I’m sure he has it too, but the east coast of the US calls it Warrens? I’m not sure about his ISP at the moment, I will ask him when we try to play later today and give you an update message. We both have a wireless connection I’m sure of that, I think we are both unable to have wired due to how far we are from our respective routers. But it’s not too far that we have issues on other games, we can play say Fortnite with each other just fine. These issues arrived not long after we both started the game, we were able to get about 3 hours of solid play until it kicked him.

One more quick tiny issue, crates will sometimes not be able to be picked up, if we set it on the ground on an island and go back later to pick it up, it won’t show the prompt to hit the button and pick it up. We’ve sometimes saved, exited the game and restarted and the crate fixes itself.

Thanks again, Clare!

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Hi Magnetshowdotheywork,

Thank you for taking the time to share those additional details of your experience with these issues and for the details surrounding your connections. I’ll keep an eye out for an update on a new save.

Overloading the island

  • In the past this has caused issues for players, especially with a buildup in lag which can lead to crashes (speaking from a single player point of view). Please let me know if a fresh save helps in this matter and either of you when hosting ever experienced lag on base island when playing? Ways to avoid this would be aiming to keep as few loose items on the island as possible and use crates and or piles where possible. Though I understand with crate issues where player 2 can’t see the contents can make this difficult to do.

Items not visible in crates

  • Your description matches an issue the team are working on. Unfortunately the only workaround is to remove and replace the items. Which I understand is not ideal if you have a lot of crates. An issue that may also occur alongside this is items from within the crate floating outside it but are not able to be picked up. Has your friend seen anything like that on their end when this issue occurs?

Island delayed rendering in

  • Does this occur with your base island / the island you felt could be overloaded or all islands or only new islands? Does the Island vanish and reappear at the same time for both of you?

Crates not being picked up:

  • Thank you for reporting this. This should have been fixed in the update to 2116. Can you confirm if this issue is still occurring in the current version?

Thanks again for this info!