[PS5][newest version] Custom raft despawned

I started playing this game recently and I enjoy it quite a bit. After some time I made a custom raft, a pretty big one at that which worked fine. Im on Day 29 and been using it all the time. Now I wanted to reorganize some stuff on a smaller island which I already almost completely cleared.
Heres the problem: When I wanted to leave the island I noticed that my raft is gone. Completely gone, no where near the island (Ive searched everywhere). I always dragged it on shore so it cannot just sailed away. This is really really unfortunate, because not only to I have almost no supplies on this island (it was supposed to be a short stop) I also have almost no materials to make a new one. The game is challenging and I like that but because is takes so long to gather the good resources (the raft contained of the best options for each cateogory which took long to even get the materials) - its really damn annoying. So is there anything that can be done? I already tried restarting, I also tried to use my cloud save game - but even there it was already gone. From what Ive heard there also no cheats or anything which would allow me to get my raft back, right?

Im honest: Ill probably rather not play the game anymore if I have to re-do everything. This island is almost empty, making all the ropes and worse the clothing would take FOR EVER. And then I still had to find the good materials again and make ANOTHER raft (it does make a different what base you use - right? Its not only cosmetics, if you use the barrel-base compared to the standard sticks/ropes base or does it?).

I did notice some items despawning which can be annoying but it was nothing major—this how ever kills the fun for me.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Wazdalos, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced an issue with your raft despawning and appreciate you taking the time to report the details of your experience to us.

Please let me know:

  • Did you recently travel to another island and return to this smaller island?

  • Did the raft despawn after a save and load or did it occur during gameplay for you? If it occurred during gameplay, do you recall if you slept at all during this time?

  • While I understand you’ve found no trace of your raft, can you confirm for me if anything is at the center of your island, such as a sail sticking out of the ground or similar?

  • If you saved on a previous island before traveling to this new one - though I understand it is difficult with your current resources - it may be worth trying to get back to the last island you were on. Another player recently reported finding their raft in the last location they saved rather than the most recent one.

  • Can you describe the raft for me? It’s size and if there were any attachments such as container shelves, and how many?

  • Please also confirm for me if you were playing a single player or multiplayer save and if any of the islands on your map are custom islands.

Unfortunately there are no cheats that would help to acquire new materials for the raft or spawn a new one in. The only potential workaround I know of is the one mentioned above where another player found their raft at the last position they saved at another island.

As far as I can remember the base parts are mostly cosmetic, but I believe they may have slightly different weights and I think the barrels are a little bit bigger - I would need to double check with the dev team to ensure I have that right.

I completely understand how frustrating and disheartening an issue like this can be for players, especially when a large amount of resources would have been used to build the raft or would have been kept on it. I will pass the details you’ve shared onto the team and any extra information you can give me about your save and gameplay leading up to the raft disappearing would be greatly appreciated as this can the team in their investigation and also help me determine if this is similar to a previous report by another player, or an issue that would require its own report for investigation.

Thank you.