[PS5][moving “stacks”] ability to move more than 1 item at a time not working

Fairly straightforward, the ability to make things 1/4 ->2/4->3/4->4/4 in stacks by using r1 and l1 still works, but the actual transfer or drop only does 1. This can make this very tedious for obvious reasons. Moving around 500 Tiberius leaves or 300 coconuts not only takes significantly longer, you are just mashing your button.

This has been a present issue since I first bought the game at lunch and this function never worked. I assume many players don’t even know this is supposed to be a function, and this don’t know it’s not working as the controls are fairly well hidden for this feature. I can get the necessary additional info if needed, but seems to be ubiquitous across saves, settings, and versions.

Hi Wesn,

Thank you for reporting this, I shall pass this onto the team for them to look into.

Hi again Wesn,

I had a chance to follow up the team on this. The current way the menus behaves is as designed. While I understand this is not ideal, it is my understanding from talking to the team that ensuring items move in singles is to help avoid other issues occuring when dropping items.