Ps5 can’t play the game loading - cleaning up


I don’t even played the game .

I try every thing that I know.

After the 1st scene ( plane crash)

It’s keeping loading all the time ( loading- cleaning up)

I delete the game 100000+ times nothing happened still can’t play

( V2083 )

Also I try it (ps4) seem issue…

Help me please asap

Hi Ibab, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. There is an issue with some localisation files that can occur with some console language settings. If this is the issue you would see errors when trying to customize your map in the cartographer also.

Please try changing your console language to english to see if this helps you load into the game.

The team is aware of this issue and it is my understanding they now know the root cause of the issue and aim to release a fix for this as soon as they can, but I do not have a timeframe for when that will happen. While I understand it is not ideal, changing the console language should allow you to play the game until the fix is released.

If changing the language does not help, please let me know as I would need to investigate any other potential causes.

Thank you.