Ps5 After update lost all story craftable and bosses trophy

I had killed all the bosses and had the part to craft and the head trophies. But after the update i can no longer see them. If i go into the story craftables, they are locked. Tried to go and kill the bosses again but they dont show up.

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I also have this issue ps5. Online session I Just finished loading everything in to escape. I went to craft the 3 boss parts but all are locked. I went and killed Meg again and it said the parts unlocked but again nothing is appearing.

I’m in the exact same situation guys with a 60-day session. We killed the last boss after the recent update and now I can’t craft any of the aircraft parts, nor the trophies.

I’ve posted it over here where some people are having the same thing: [2104] Crafting Story items and Trophies - #7 by Grimsim

Thanks, I will repost it.

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Hi Leroy956, welcome to the forums.

I am sorry to hear this issue has affected your save. This is an issue the team are aware of and are investigating.

In the past the workaround for issues with crafting items was to craft them in the quickcrafting menu, but it appears that a number of players are reporting that workaround is no longer working for them.

I understand the frustration this issue can cause and how disheartening it can be for players and I am passing all information onto the team.

Can you confirm for me if you killed all the bosses before or after the update to 2104?
And also if you are playing in single player or multiplayer and if you are playing in single player are you playing with an interenet connection or without?

Thank you.

Hi @Wombat1981, welcome to the forums, and @adamos thank you for reporting your experience of this issue too.

Thank you also adamos for sharing the other report from players. However to prevent confusion, if adding details of your experience to another bug report as information for the for the team, please only do it once. I will get to all posts eventually.

Please let me know if either of you were playing single player or multiplayer. Adamos from your comment it sounds like you were playing multiplayer but I want to double check.

Edit: after seeing your post in the other thread and reading back on this one, sorry I missed your comment that you were in an online session Wombat1981

When it comes to your posts in the other thread, I will redirect here rather than responding again.

Thank you.

I am playing multiplayer too

Apologies if I was supposed to make a new post

Thank you for confirming adamos, I noticed you mentioned this in your other post.

And No worries regarding the posts. While creating new bug reports with as much info about a player’s individual expereince as possible is prefered, with a very widespread issue like this one or two bug reports become the “Main” reports, so that’s no problem. It just helps with my counts of how many players on each console are affected if players only post their experience once.

Regardless, I greatly appreciate you taking the time share your details on the forums :slight_smile:

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I deeply understand that your team is doing everything they can and in no way shape or form do i blame you.

I killed the bosses before the update, and i was able to craft the trophies head and the items with the quickcrafting even it they didnt show in the story tab. I am playing on multiplayer.

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Sorry for my delay in responding to you Leroy956.

Thank you for your understanding and for confirming when you killed the bosses and what you could see in the quickcrafting menu. I shall add these details to my report for he team.

Thank you again.

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Can confirm same issue. Just killed the megalodon for the third time after reloading save. Nothing we do allows us to craft the story items. We get the victory prompt and the message telling us we can craft it but the story crafting section remains locked.
Did so on multiplayer and the quick craft workaround does not work. It’s as if we never killed it at all.

Save was made before the recent update.

Hi Darkseany,

Thank you for confirming that information, I will add the details you shared, including confirmation you tried multiple times, it to my report for the team on this issue.

Has your team come up with a solution?

Hi Leroy956,

The dev team believe they’ve found the cause of this issue and a fix for it. They are currently working on and testing the fix. I don’t have any information on a timeline for the fix to be released yet, but I’ll keep [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Crafting Menu Reset / Story Items Locked updated if I get any additional information from the team.

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