*PS5-2130-Crafting Loom not recognised

I am trying to craft myself a speargun - problem is I have no leather strapping, so I took some rawhide to the loom; but the game was not recognising the loom in the craft menu; so I dismantled the loom and recreated one (just in case it was a glitch) but it didn’t recognise the new loom either.


I created a few custom islands full of resources, and once plundered, I create a replacement resource Island.
Difficulty - Normal
Gender - Male
Permadeath - No
Wildlife- passive


If your trying to get leather

You’re using the wrong station

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Hi Slytherineshare,

As Bisketti mentioned above, the loom is not used to craft the leather strapping.

This can be done at the tanning rack.

If you continue to have issues crafting leather after crafting a tanning rack, please let me know.