[PS5][2126][Weather]No storms

No storms since update 2126. Tried new game, same result. 14 in game days gone by. Playing on PS5 through Play station plus(extra), if that matters. Only really complain I have about that is my crops don’t get free water.

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Hi Mr Mikester,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced no storms over 14 ingame days. I will inform the team of this issue.

Can you confirm if this issue has persisted since you made this post?

Thank you again.

We have not experience a storm in over 20 days the entire game actually. 2 xbox series x. Same household direct connected to Cox modem.

I can also say, “have you seen the rain?” lol
It’s been a drought I guess. . . .

Edit: yep, I have had no rain in at least 20+ days

Thanks all, the team believe they’ve found the cause of the delay in storms and are working on a fix for it.

Hello, just joining in as its been 69 days on my ps5 save so far and the last trophy I require for platinum is Two of Each.

Ive built a new 3x3 raft and havent encountered a storm yet, happy to be notified when this will be solved or anything I can do to help. Such as loading a specific seed.


Okay I finally had some rain! Almost did a rain dance, I was actually shook when it started storming. it’s been like a whole year and only once in the whole year on Dec 21st, don’t know if that’s any signifigance. Anyways just FYI . . . :cloud_with_rain:

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